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The Top 10 Health Gadgets For The Modern Man

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During the past decades, one has to take a trip and consult a doctor just to get an update regarding the status of your health. Some even opt to purchase bulky medical equipment for home use instead, which are very expensive and requires skills to operate. Thankfully in our modern age maintenance of health had become easier and more stylish than ever. These are gadgets built for convenience and ease of use making them more desirable than the traditional ones. These are gizmos that everyone must have for a healthy long life.


Technology For The Health You Didn’t Know You Need


  • Fitbit Alta HR



The Fitbit’s newest model boats a slimmer and smarter design. The Fitbit Alta HR have an added a Sleep Stages and Sleep Insight feature, which helps you understand your sleep quality and how to make it better.


  • Withings Steel HR


If you are concerned for your health but think that smart watches are too mainstream, Withings Steel HR may be the gadget for you. It is the elegant wrist wear alternative, which tracks walking, running, swimming and sleep activities.


  1. HAPIfork


One of the simplest gadgets that is worth belonging in the Top 10 Health Gadgets list is the HAPIfork. There are individuals who despite their best effort, are unable to control the speed and amount they eat due to eating disorders. This modern fork helps reduce your eating pace by tracking the amount of servings you ate per minute. Also, it emits tiny vibrations to keep you from eating too fast.


  1. GLO Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device


If you are interested in lessening your trips to the dentist, then this is a gadget for you. The Teeth Whitening Device is a portable gadget which uses a patented technology called Guided Light Optic to help you maintain perfect healthy white teeth.


  1. Instant Hot/Cold Pain Relief Wand


The Instant Instant Hot/Cold Pain Relief Wand is the modernized version of ice and heating packs. This device can change into the desired temperature within a minute and is very useful for administering first and relieving pain.


  1. Quitbit


The first of its kind, Quitbit is the first smart lighter gadget that is in the market and helps those who wish to quit smoking. It looks like a stylish Zippo with a built in display on information on how much cigarettes you have consumed and summarizes your overall smoking habit.


  1. SteriPEN Ultra water purifier


If you are traveler or an enthusiast of extreme outdoor activities, then you are aware of how vital it is to have enough water. With SteriPEN Ultra water purifier you will never run out of water again. This purifier uses UV rays to kill undesirable organisms in your water, and is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries.


  1. Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System

Small changes in our glucose levels can have profound effects on our person, especially for people who are already suffering health problems. This gadget is beneficial for people who needs to keep a close eye on their sugar levels. The information can be readily viewed on your smart phone, and can be recorded for easy tracking. It is important to know what are the foods to lower a1c.


  1. Muse

Do you have anxiety or chronic stress problems? The gadget Muse have been designed to remedy those problems by encouraging its users to have a daily meditation habit. The Muse is a headband device and app which monitors your brainwave activity and gives you real time feedback on how to regulate your stress levels to minimum.


  1. Satechi USB Portable Air Purifier and Fan

This Air Purifer and Fan is useful for people who suffer allergies to pollen, dust and other impurities in the air. It is also very compact and is powered through a USB port.